Thursday, June 3, 2010

wednesday, june 2
workout: MASTERS SWIM at Hamilton YMCA (distances given in yards)
200 warm up
8 x 50: alternate 2 x 50 pull, 2 x 50 full

repeat this sequence 2 times:
2 x 200 pull
2 x 200 full
1 x 200 offstroke

4 x 25 sprint
400 warm down
total: 2900
-> for offstroke i did breast
-> all in all, a fabulous swim. i was totally on. i have done this set before and i really like it alot. even with the sprinting
-> for sets >100, i think i will try counting individual lanes instead of 100s to see if that is any easier
-> i am noticing that this ramped up training is taking its toll. i am having trouble eating enough and today (thursday) i skipped rowing because i was sore and exhausted. hopefully i will do my second day of rowing this weekend.

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