Wednesday, June 16, 2010

monday, june 14
workout: masters swim at hamilton ymca (distances given in yards)
200 warm up
4 x 50 back @ 10 sec rest
4 x 100 free (easy)
4 x 50 back @ 10 sec rest
6 x 100 free (medium)
4 x 50 back @ 10 sec rest
6 x 100 free (easy)
200 warm down
total distance: 2600
-> for the most part, this set was shit; im not sure why. i was tired, distreacted, having pms and it was very humid this afternoon
-> but the backstroke was getting better, which is something im trying to work on; i kept pace and the last 400 of the set was very good. i am sure that on a different day, under different circumstances, i would actually really like this set.

tuesday, june 15
workout: rowing
machine set at 5.5 (out of ten)
total time: 45 min, total distance: 8057m
average stroke pace: 33 s/min
paceboat set at 2:45.0 min/500m
-> kept well ahead of pace until the last 10 min of the workout
-> little to no hamstrin pain
-> concentrated hard on pulling with biceps and rhomboids, not legs

today (wednesday) i missed my swim because i had trouble sleeping last night, but i did my bike ride to stoney creek both ways, which i estimate to be at least 35km total, so its not like i didnt get any exercise at all. i think i will swim both thursday and friday to make up for it. not sure if i will catch up on rowing over the weekend or not, but im not too worried about it, since my goal for this month revolves around masters swimming and not rowing.

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