Monday, June 7, 2010

friday, june 4
WORKOUT: masters at the hamilton YMCA (distances given in yards)
200 warm up
4 x 100 backstroke building (building = getting faster each set. so in this case, each 100 faster than the last)
4 x 100 kick building
20 x 50 free, divide into sets of 5 x 50, building each
200 warm down
total distance: 2200
-> backstroke still sucks, maybe i will start working on this when i get up to doing swims on my rowing days. maybe i will do all technical on those days and work on backstroke in particular.
-> since i am not yet following pace times, i just made a conscious effort to do building.
-> the 50s in this set were excellent for working on consistent flip turns during freestyle sets. will keep this set in mind for specifically working on flip turns.

sunday, june 6
WORKOUT: rowing
time: 45 min, machine set at 4.9 (out of 10)
total distance: 8132m
average pace: 2:46.0/500m
-> kept stroke pace >31s/m the whole time except last 3 min (this is a personal best)
-> still have right hamstring pain

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