Friday, June 25, 2010

sun, june 20
workout: masters at the north york YMCA (this is actually the same workout i did on may 31, but the distances are given in metres)
200 warm up
6 x 100: alternate 2 x 100 kick; 2 x 100 pull; 2 x 100 full
800 free
400 choice
200 negative split (second 100 faster than first 100)
100 choice
200 warm down
total distance: 2300
-> all choice sets were breast
-> i had very sore intercostals from the sprint set on thursday, which is why i didnt swim friday, and i was still sore on sunday doing this workout.
-> i found the 800 easier to count than the last time i did it

tuesday, june 22
workout: rowing, 45 minutes
machine set at 5.5 (out of 10)
paceboat set at 2:45.0 min/500m
my average pace: 2:47, stroke pace 33 s/min
first 15 minutes: 2812m
second 15 minutes: 2706m
third 15 minutes: 2565m
total distance: 8082m
-> little to no hamstring pain; some pain in left foot. not sure why but that is the second time i have noticed this. perhaps i need new shoes.
-> i stayed well ahead of the paceboat until the last 5 minutes of cool down

wednesday, june 23
workout: masters at hamilton YMCA (actually the same workout as june 7, distances given in yards)
200 warm up
8 x 50 back or breast @ 15 seconds rest
1000 timed
6 x 75 @ 15 seconds rest
->alternate 50 pull, 25 kick; 25 kick, 50 pull
200 IM drill
400 warm down
total distance: 2650
-> for the 8 x 50, i alternated back and breast each 50. back stroke getting a little better. need to keep working on it.
-> i didnt time the 1000 this time, the pool was too busy for the lifeguard to do it for me; i got a stitch twice and had to stop anyway, so my time would have been off
-> 75s were better than last time, when i screwed them up.
-> IM drill i subbed breast for fly and didnt actually do a drill because i dont really know what to do. i think i am going to talk to the aquatics director for suggestions.
-> for the warmdown i did breast

friday, june 25
workout: masters at the hamilton YMCA (distances given in yards)
200 warm up
4 x 50 choice
20 x 100
->decrease speed every five hundreds, so like this:
5 x 100 hard
5 x 100 medium-hard
5 x 100 medium
5 x 100 medium-easy
5 x 100 easy
-> the point of this set is to try and keep a consistent pace for all 5 hundreds in a row
200 warm down
total distance: 2600
-> this is the same workout from my very first swimlog post.
-> i find this workout difficult to do alone; it is easier to have teammates helping you set and maintain the right pace.
-> for choice and warmdown i did breast
-> my flip turns on the warmdown breast lanes were EXCELLENT.
-> rice krispies for breakfast. good energy, but i think i should have eaten more.

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